More back to school photos

Kaiani and Jackson are looking a lot older to me. Beckett just likes being outside…and Charis would be happy as a clam if she could be a professional wardrobe changer. 


More Beckett

Beckett eating his piece of birthday cake.

Post school pics

Kai and Jacks go to the same school now! I love not having to go to different places. They are both doing very well so far. 

Kai is in 3rd and Jacks is in kinder. 

Beckett Bear

My little babe turned one on Sept 2nd. Wowza…what a whirlwind! He is walking and chattering and loves his brother and sisters. He plays with cars and loves looking for airplanes in the sky. Currently teething like crazy. Says “dadda ” for everyone. Even me. He’s a pretty happy baby. Oh and he also loooves the outdoors. He throws a FIT when we won’t let him in the backyard. 

We call him Beckett Bear because he is our little Bear. We determined his “animal” before he was born. The other kids have them too. 

He’s such a sweetheart and will let me give him kisses whenever I want. ☺️

We didn’t have a party but we did get him a cake and he ate all of his piece. With no hesitation.  Same for me. 

My Kai

I totally got that hat from the toddler boy section for Beckett …and it fit Kaiani perfectly. Well, shoot! I think this is her “I feel like a sailor” pose. 



I see some resemblance!

Oh pregnancy center…go home, you’re drunk. 

Got an email from my pregnancy center app saying that I’m overdue. Tells me a list of signs to tell IF I’m overdue. 

Dog, if I’m 5.5 months past, then I’m going to need a lot more than an email for intervention.